March 21, 2023
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We have a sneaking suspicion you have already started studying for your INBDE exam. But in today’s crowded market of sooooo many different study materials, how do you know which ones best suit your study needs? 


We got you covered, Doctor. 


With the Prep Doctors INBDE Full Course, you can receive the perks of all the major Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE) preparation products and test builders rolled into one. And just to add the cherry on the cake to solving your exam anxieties, we’ve compiled a list of all the qualities and benefits you need to know when choosing the right INBDE course for you. 


Let’s get started.



What are the benefits of the Full Course?


At Prep Doctors, we pride ourselves on achieving a cover-all-bases approach. Not only does our Full Course offer specialist instructors to walk you through key concepts while applying acute focus on the most important exam topics, but you will also receive more than 150 hours of training that will take you through the following topics in depth: 

– Radiology

– Implants

– Dental Materials

– Community Dentistry + Research + Epidemiology

– Pt management + Biostats

– Oral Pathology

– Anatomy + Histology (General + Oral)

– Biomedical Sciences

– Endodontics

– Oral surgery

– Medical Emergencies

– LA + GA

– Pharmacology

– Prosthodontics

– Periodontics

– Operative Dentistry

– Orthodontics

Pediatric Dentistry



What is the length of the course?


Along with your hours of training and 31 lectures, the Prep Doctors Full Course features a three-month package to fully develop your understanding and highlight any issues you may want to clear up.



How can you test yourself?


The INBDE exam is a practice-based assessment with questions that you may be familiar with to start, but you need to find the best questions and have the correct answers chosen. That’s why our courses include three full mock exams to test your knowledge and more than 15 scheduled quizzes. The other major thing incorporated in our INBDE exam preparation course is a whole year of access to our Test Builder.



What is the Test Builder?


The pièce de résistance to our Full Course goes beyond in-class lectures and teaching, allowing you to customize your study journey with a bank of 3,000 questions. On each question, a thorough and robust explanation is provided. In addition, with our performance tracker, you can time yourself to improve your scores and get a comprehensive insight into your progress, which makes a big difference over time. Who doesn’t want to test their competency and learn your strengths and weaknesses broken down by subject topics and comparison metrics? We know you do!



So, what’s next?


The choice is now in your hands. Finding the perfect INBDE course doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. We’ve done the work for you, and we know with 100% confidence and our 100% passing guarantee the Prep Doctors INBDE Full Course is where your success on the INBDE exam is at.


To find out more about which is the right INBDE course, check out our website for more info or contact us to get started!