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About Us

What we do

Prep Doctors is the leading dental training and education provider that prepares internationally-trained dentists to obtain licenses to practice dentistry in Canada, USA, and Australia. We do this by offering first-class preparatory courses that target the required NDEB, INBDE, and ADC exams, respectively. We also offer Continuing Education courses in Canada, aimed at professional development and helping all dentists improve their skills and maintain their licenses. Additionally, we afford a variety of courses to assist aspiring dentists in gaining admission to dental university programs across North America. In 2024, Prep Doctors will expand its services and launch its pharmaceutical equivalency training programs in Canada under Prep Pharma to help internationally-trained pharmacists pass their PEBC exams. In 2024 too, Prep Doctors will help Internationally Registered Nurses (IEN) who want to work as nurses in Canada through the NCLEX exam preparation courses.

Learn With Passion to Live With Purpose

We don't just prepare you for exams; we empower you to excel beyond them, fostering a lifelong passion for learning and achievement. At Prep Doctors, your success isn't just a goal; it's our shared mission.

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What Make Us Spcecial?

At Prep Doctors, we stand out through our unwavering commitment to your success. What sets us apart is our personalized training approach. Our specialized programs are meticulously crafted to ensure every trainee finds their path to mastery. Moreover, our institution comprises instructors renowned for their expertise, offering a wealth of knowledge and guidance. We provide hands-on experiences and real-exam simulations to boost your skills. Our comprehensive support system extends beyond the class, offering organized study materials, adapting up-to-date learning resources, and providing insightful feedback to empower you throughout your educational and training journey. At Prep Doctors, excellence isn't only an aim; it's a standard we strive for relentlessly, ensuring you are ready to conquer your exams and pave the way for a successful career.

Who we are

Since 2011 when the direct route to dental equivalency opened, we’ve been leading the way in preparing dentists for NDEB exams. Over the past ten years, we’ve trained over 10,000 dentists! Of course, an effort like that requires a big team and luckily we’ve got a lot of great people. Prep Doctors is made up of exceptional instructors surrounded by a diverse group of professionals, all dedicated to helping you in your equivalency journey, starting from consultation and registration, through training, till passing your board exam. Prep Doctors’ services are expanding, and so does its team

Our History

2011: Prep Doctors initiated its dental training for The National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) Exams. It started in Mississauga and now has other four campuses: Richmond Hill, Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver.


2022: Prep Doctors expanded its services and started coaching for the Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE) Exams.


2022: Prep Doctors opened the School of Continuing Education in Canada, where it provides courses to dentists to improve their skills and maintain their licenses.


2023: Prep Doctors started coaching for the Australian Dental Council (ADC) Exams.


2024: Prep Pharma will be launched in Canada to start coaching for the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) Exams.


2024: Prep Nursing will also be launched in Canada to start coaching for the NCLEX-RN Exam.